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Brackets for Bumper Conversion


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Picked up some 71 front and rear bumpers for my 75. No brackets for the front. Rear brackets are oval shaped and extend the bumper about two inches from the body. Will brackets from other years work? I want to bring the bumper in closer to the body. Also suggestion for front brackets. Help!



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Well looks like you need to research the conversion...SEARCH...plenty of info including some VERY good write ups on it....I have a mediocre one myself...The rear is a snap...you have to drill 2 holes and bolt it up...the front...now that will take some doing no matter how you do it....If you use the pre 74 brackets then you will need to cut the front for the brackets. The older cars mounted the brackets lower than the newer cars. So you will also need to cover the existing square holes that will be left from the old bumpers. I did this: Instead of cutting the front...I replaced my front bumper shocks with pipe of the same diameter but shorter. Then I made a mount that mounted the front bumper to the shorter pipe. Uses the same mounting holes as the big bumper, and I made the pipe the exact length I wanted so I could pull it in as close as I wanted it. I cut the shock coveres and placed them back over the pipes for a clean install. To me this is a cleaner install and it involves less bodywork. Now there are only 2 holes to fill total on the front. Here are some pics of my car in the process....








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