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Early NK Dash Repair Question - UPDATE


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  • 1 month later...

Since the fake wood veneer is shot and it seems like there is no good means to replace it, I was thinking that I would use vinyl similar to a 911 dash.

I think the basket weave texture might look nice. It is period correct and matches the material on the seats and door panels.

Remove the fake plastic wood here -


and recover with this -



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I think the 911 material is very nice. My slant is to try and keep the car original so I searched on options to see if there would be adhesive wood grain vinyl that would be close to the original and just searching for a minute I found these:


I'm sure there are more to be found. The original BMW material and its grain look are not that outstanding to start with so I wouldn't be concerned that it would look any more cheesy than the original was.

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I ordered some samples from Rvinyl a couple months back and applied the squares to a spare glovebox door that I had and they don't look "right". The sheen is a bit off and it looks much more ersatz than the original.

On a side note... I did buy some chrome vinyl at the same time and it worked really well on the door panel chrome strips. I think there is now another option to the 3M chrome trim and mylar solutions. I'm curious to see how it lasts.

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I picked up some of the basketweave vinyl from TRE Motorsports and went to work on a spare glovebox door I had in the garage. Getting the plastic wood veneer and chrome strip were more difficult that I expected because the interior plastic panel on the door is held in place by small pins that have a "mushroom" head to hold the panel in place. Well, some of the pins popped out and in some places the plastic panel cracked, oh well...

Once the pieces were removed, I cut the vinyl and did a test fit. Keep in mind that in these photos, the vinyl is not glued in place, but it looks pretty good and period correct.



Next is trimming and gluing the vinyl in place. Then on to a spare dash in the garage.

So far this looks like a viable solution to the crappy cracked plastic wood.

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