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Is this the perfect combo of upgrades?


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I have a strong stock engine in a 76 2002 with a Weber 32/36, Tii ADV Dist. NGK Plugs, 3.91 LSD, 5 spd. trans., Alum. Flywheel.

Just to clarify from what I've gathered from scouring the Forum.

If I put High Compression 9.5 to 1 Pistons with a 292 cam and a weber 38 and a header, I should get 125 to 130 at the wheels?

Which is probably the most I can hope for from this engine without boring and blueprinting? Until I can afford an S14 swap, this may be my best bet. The M42 swap sounds great, but the possibility of the sump being so low is too troublesome for me. See Pic below. and previous posts.


Is that true?

Thanks for any help.


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I disagree- I think you'd be 120 - 130 at the flywheel.

40's with 32 choke, 1.5" header, 10:1 and a cam that was significantly

more aggressive than a 292 netted 145 flywheel, for reference.

That said, I think you'd be a very happy driver with that set of parts

installed and tuned well- it's a great 'fast road' configuration.


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