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What is this, bimmerforums?


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I haven't really done the research on current forum quarrels, but there seems to be some hostility floating around lately. Rather than allowing any of it to persist (thus detracting form the purpose of this website), I propose we establish the following policy: Anyone caught being an asshole gets banned. Period. It is in writing after-all.

I realize the lines can get blurry regarding the boundaries of "being an asshole", but I suggest we adopt the Supreme Court's porn-test. You know it when you see it.

Long story short, we're not here to berate, insult or otherwise give each other a hard time. We're here to share our experiences with these wonderful little cars. We're here to help each other, which includes the occasional, polite kick in the pants... like suggesting a user take the initiative to search before posting.

Keeping that in mind and in the true nature of election season, I propose we become staunchly intolerant of anyone misaligned with these concepts. Let's call it Prop02 (I know, I'm a little late).

There's enough hostility everywhere else... why not leave it there (one of the things I've always liked about the faq)? Disagreement is a-ok (actually, it's encouraged... at least in my opinion), but let's keep it civil. If you don't know how, don't post. Just let it fester until you feel like your head is going to pop. Then post asshole comments at www.bimmerforums.com ;-)

My $.02.

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I agree with your sentiment, but I am totally against any vigilante-style Kangaroo Court or censorship.

We are adults - no self-appointed Cloakroom Monitors needed here.

If lines have been crossed, let the Administrators slap down the offenders - one standard, one rule.

No one likes Trolls or *ssholes on a Forum, but they'll be ostracized soon enough and no one will want to play with them.

Given the value of the information and helpful assistance from fellow members here, risk of being a Castaway is far worse than Banishment.

And, it would even give those offenders an opportunity to change their ways, try to mend their fences, and might possibly result in a valuable future addition to the forum.

Just my humble $0.02.


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being a, well, not so nice person -- i.e. personal attacks vs disagreeing. I think overenthusiastic enforcement of "rules"--as perceived by the forum moderator--was what led to this board's establishment back in 2002.

Steve and Rob do a fine job of keeping the reins loose but knowing when to yank hard, and the board members do a pretty good job of policing themselves.

These outbreaks seem to occur periodically--like thunderstorms--but also like thunderstorms they blow over pretty quickly. No hurricanes yet.

I believe a few folks have been banned from the FAQ after some pretty egregious behaviour and I'm sure our moderators won't hesitate to do it again if new miscreants arise to cause trouble.

Wait...the clouds are breaking...the sun's coming out! Back to 2002s.

cheers...and everyone...cool yer jets


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Banned for spelling!

No worries - Kitty will fix. See below.

I was going to post up the link/approach below, for consideration and/or robust debate - until I realized just how many folks would have to hit the "nudity" tattle-tale button in response to my posts concerning Jesse Jane, Biscuit3, Beach Volleyball, UPS Girls, Jonny's Ass, 02 Group, and "PatAllen has been abducted by Softcore Porn Aliens," etc. etc. etc.

As found on the www.alpinabmw2002.com website: http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/request.py?hl=en&contact_type=main_tos&blog_ID=376798348398048815&blog_URL=http://www.alpinabmw2002.com/&rd=1

Ban Otis!!!


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I'm certainly not talking about going all 1984 here and I realize that in a community of individuals, some of them will lack basic social skills, but bracohen's comment says it all:

Coming from a new member perspective, having seen some of that hostility already while lurking, it made me somewhat hesitant to join.

And I'm definitely not making a statement that our moderators are deficient... I think they're doing a great job. But if some of us don't speak up to show that we're 100% not ok with childish behavior in this forum... kind of reinforce the sentiment... then the "children" in this forum may not realize they're stepping out of line, detracting from the site and ultimately risk losing their privileges (which isn't to say they can't obtain a new username... but if they want to keep it, they'll post like grown-ups... using their inside voice... from that point forward).

Bottom line, at least in my opinion: It's very easy to review your post before clicking "submit" to make sure you're not being a prick. I do it all the time and sometimes, for good reason... we all have bad days. No need to piss other people off in the process.

Anyway, I do appreciate that censorship is bad(!) and I agree 100% with the notion that we should be policing ourselves and can black-list those that deserve it, but at the same time, I believe some of our users cross the threshold from community police territory to the realm of moderator action.

I think I'm at $.04 now.

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Banned for spelling!

No worried - Kitty will fix. See below.

I was going to post up this link, for consideration and/or robust debate - until I realized just how many folks would have to hit the "nudity" tattle-tale button in response to my lovelorn Biscuit3 (and Beach Volleyball, and UPS Girl, and Jonny-Ass, and other) posts.

Like polite disagreement, nudity is very much encouraged. Just no dudes. And definitely no weiners.

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And I have to say, I'm glad we're having fun with banning... way better than acting in ways that might actually justify it ;-)

Ummmm Two as in the number so you are banned for incorrect correcting!!!!
You left an "o" off of "too."

Banned for spelling!



I think we should ban the first two posters for being to nice!!!!! LOL....
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