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Barn find turbo


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Best way to tell is to start it up in the barn with the door closed......if after 30 mins you smell gas it is not a real turbo.

Is that supposed to kill him lol?

Damn whats up with all those eat shit comments I feel like everyones hating each other lately.

Yeah it's sad. thankfully it's only a few people. In everyone's defense though, JhC is faaaaar from innocent, if you look up all his posts some are pretty nasty.

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the VIN plate (and matching engine number) will begin with 429. VINs went from 4290001 to (IIRC) 4291671.

Turbos also have some peculiar brackets welded in place under the hood to hold the Turbo-unique plumbing and other parts, plus sports seats that weren't available in the US, extra instruments on the package shelf to the right of the standard instrument binnacle (with a red face plate) and a whole bunch of mechanical differences under the car. It'll also be a Euro model, as they were never officially imported. All but a few were painted either white or silver.

While it may be a real Turbo, chances are it's someone's creation, as very few made it to these shores.

Good luck--tell us what you found.


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That's what I was thinking, though that trunk looks nasty enough to have been a replacement that was just slapped on it decades ago. From the angle you should be able to see the driver's side rear flare.

Without seeing it can't be 100% sure, but sure looks like something somebody built instead of a real turbo.

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