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A little nostalgia - 02-02-02 Panorama Picture


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Aaah, there we are... front row, 4th in from the left. I recall it was damn cold that morning and we all squinted with the sun in our eyes when the photographer yelled " smile", which, because he was using the panoramic camera, meant we had to stay motionless for about 30 seconds.

It really was a great event, 02's and their owners as far as the eye could see!

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yup! - under the flag on the left side....

fantastic trip

So Many 02's - driving that morning to the Zentrum - instead of the highway

loaded with boring general present day cars - our road was filled with

every colour BMW 02 surrounding 1 or 2 honda's .

For a few miles all you saw were 02's. WE RULED that day!


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So should we do it again in 02-02-2012 ?

Sounds like a plan, Glenn!

BTW, I am the guy with the blue jacket and white shirt between Robert Cruz' Verona roundie and Ohtwohr's sweet Schwarz car (third and fourth from left on the front row). Miguel from San Jose, CA and I didn't have '02's there, so Robert adopted us.

Good times.....

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