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My method for pressing out front suspension bushings


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Car wasn't driving straight so I replaced the lower suspension arms. That helped but it still drifted left.

The front bushings for the torsion bars looked pretty crunchy so I replaced them too. It is a bugger to get them out since the front valence is in the way. The FAQ shows a tool made from PVC pipe but this method is way easier.

Hook a 6" C-clamp in the hole on the bottom of the frame rail extension. Tighten down to push old bushing out. Put the new bushing in place and use the torsion bar to pull it into the hole. Then use the C-clamp to finish pushing it into position.

And yes it does make a difference. Car runs true now!


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if the car was pulling left or right why didnt you check the alignment. people say that the only alignment adjustment on an 02 is front Toe. but that doesnt mean it couldnt be out of alignment. mine was pulling left so i checked my alignment and the thrust angle was way off. ended up shimming the rear control arms to correct a negative rear camber issue.

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