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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

Got a Microsquirt setup today


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Anyone using a Microsquirt out there??

Picked up my injection system and my buddy handed me a DIY microsquirt system. We will be setting it up to run my 318 EFI on my 02. I have a dist getting built at advance distributors. For now we will let the Micro run the distributor. Once we get it running good we will be adding a crank trigger and distributor free system with 4 coil packs. Also using bigger injectors and 325TB. Its still cheaper than buying a new dual carb setup and should be a lot more DD friendly. The Microsquirt has already been set up to accept a sensor so I can run flex fuels with no power loss. Also it has been setup to run a ping sensor if I want it

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I see you have the 45s FS...

just wondering what was unacceptable to you about this set up..

I run 40s, and altho she only sees 2 or 3k miles per year, I find her overall very drivable. I mean, I will get some throttle tip in lag...or some sputtering at times below 2500 rpm.....but its quite minimal. I do see yours is a DD.

Feel free to e me.

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Oh I sold the 45's. I should have kept them and the cannon intake and made an ITB system but oh well. I drive my car about 2000 miles a month so the EFI will be really needed. I get along fine with the 38/38 but you still have to tinker with carbs. I would like to be able to drive to higher altitudes without it running like crap also. With the EFI, Microsquirt setup I can dial in best performance and run flex fuel when that stsrts getting more common

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