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Dipstick popping out resulting in oil shower


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I've searched on this topic but can't seem to find someone with the same issue.

A little history: 1972 2002. Smaller diameter dipstick. I just bought the car. It starts, runs fine but hasn't been on the road since '93 so I'm going down the list of issues to make it roadworthy again.

The problem is that when I take the car for a drive, the dipstick pops out and oil is showering over the inside of the engine bay.

Key facts:

1. the oil is not overfilled

2. the breather hose from the valve cover is attached to the air filter on the 32/36 carb. It is not blocked in anyway. There is visual oil vapor coming out and I have blown through the hose and connector with compressed air to make sure.

I've since wired the dipstick so it can't pop out and have driven it with no problems.

My main concerns are:

Do I have an excess of crankcase pressure?

What could be causing this?

Is there another vent in the block that could be clogged?

Will I end up blowing out a front or rear main seal?

Is it just a worn out rubber stopper on the dipstick? (I find this hard to believe because it is just a friction connection to the tube and if it were designed for say xx psi of crankcase pressure you would think the connection would have been more robust)

Anyway, it's a long post for a dumb problem. Feel free to berate me publicly.

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That is a strange problem--it is hard to imagine enough oil being in the vicinity of the dipstick tube opening to be pushed out. It almost sounds like someone put a very long tube into the dipstick fitting such that it actually goes down into the oil in the pan. The I could see crankcase pressure pushing it out. Or, the oil return from the head to block has been welded shut, preventing crankcase pressure from exiting through the head breather.

Fred, 74tii

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My car has the EXACT same problem. I've done everything I can think of- brought the car to the baseline (adjusted valves, timing, carb), checked compression/leakdown, cleaned the breather outlet on the valve cover, disconnected my catch can, etc, all with no effect. The car runs beautifully.

My solution was the same as yours- wire the goddamn thing shut.

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Adam, No offense meant but your overthinking the problem.The oil is but into spray form by the crank.Your excessive crank case pressure is coming from where???? Only one place. Blow by.... You said the car hasent driven since 93.18 years is plenty of time for a ring to stick in place. Remember the rings both compression and oil scrapper are meant to have some movement. It sat for 18 years with no oil change.... If a compression test is not conclusive try a leak down. Take off the oil cap I will bet you have a breeze...

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Guest Anonymous

All of these hypotheticals are nice but you've got blowby. Pure and simple. There's no kanoodler redirecting oil flow to the tube combining with swamp gas and moonlight from venus.

A compression test may or may not tell you where it's leaking. A leakdown test is in order. Listen with a mechanics stethiscope while running the test.

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Ok I get it now. That has to be the case.

Next question: is it possible that a ring will "unstick" itself after driving around or is this a re-ring situation?

I'd invest $20 in some AutoRX, a diester cleaner. This stuff has helped those with heavily sludged engines. It is a slow cleaner to dissolve the stuff. I am half way thru a 325IX I bought that had a lot of deposites on the top side and they are almost gone.

Re-ringing leads into other costs as well. Pulling an engine down without renewing lots of stuff is wasted effort. Go for it if you desire.

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Dead on.... At this point you could get lucky. I would check BD products as they also make some very popular additives used by pros.Remember the crank is spraying lubricant on the cylinder wall.But be patient as it coud take weeks-months.JMK is right re-ringing is the last resort...Do not wire the dipstick down. Get a piece of foam and rig something up.....If you wire it down you will BLOW every seal in the short block..... And really be patient as the chemical fix could take awhile...Good luck

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