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Does green indicate LSD?


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So I picked up this 1976 2002, 4spd parts car, which was drivable. There was some noise coming from the rear end of the car. I jacked up the rear and hand spun the wheels. One wheel would spin, while the other remained still.

I remove the diff and spun the front of the diff where the driveshaft bolts on and both output shafts spun in the same direction. Is this normal for no-load?

I can spin and hold one output shaft and feel it attempting to catch. I haven't opened it up yet, maybe tomorrow. It has 11 40 stamped on it like most do, so it has a 3.64 ratio. On the other side is a green dot.

Just wondering if I have a LSD that needs a rebuild or a boat anchor.


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On a 2002 diff, doesn't an LSD have a S stamped between the 40 and 11?

I am sure that the LSD I have is like this an S stamped between the 40 and 11. It does not have the S painted on it which had me a little concerned but I have confirmed that it is an LSD by removing the rear cover.


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