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Just rebuild head and test drove it. Found white smoke.


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I just pulled head. Got it rebuild with new valve seals, re-surfaced and pressure tested. Put the head back with new gasket after the car sat for 2 weeks. Started it up and drove it.

Fired up fine. A bit of water came out of exhaust tip. Wait until engine warmed up and drove it around the block. Found white smoke came out during downshift from 3rd to 2nd gear. A bit of white smoke mostly when decelerated.

What does this mean?? Did I miss anything while pulling head?


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Did you have the head slimmed and trued?

How is the coolant level?

When was oil last changed? Old oil can contain considerable moisture and the exhaust system may have accumulated some.

It may just go away. If not, do a leakdown and see what it tells you.


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If you can, get a block tester. It uses a special fluid that reacts with hydrocarbons in coolant that will make it change colors f you are indeed loosing coolant to combustion. It will only take about ten minutes at the most, and can help rule out burning coolant. It's also a tool you won't use very often, so it would be better if you can borrow one from somebody.

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