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WTB: Elephant Skin

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Bob, Are you talking about the vinyl on the plywood panels in the trunk? On an e9, "elephant skin" is what the rear wheel well plastic covering is usually called, but I assume that you mean on a 2002? Dave V. in NC

Dave, I'm looking for enough of the original style vinyl to cover the outside face of this trunk organizer - probably 6"X30" would be sufficient. So, yes, I meant to refer to the trunk panel covering. Any leads on a remnant would be appreciated.


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I have some grey that is left from doing my trunk panels...just some very nice textured vinyl from a friend's furniture upholstery shop. Next to an original panel, it doesn't match...a RCH too much on the blue side. Looks good in my car, but if you are trying to match some original rear panels, better to pick up and canibalize an old trunk panel...If you cant find what you want, yell at me, and I'll send a piece to you for the usual 3 beer shipping price.

If there is no damage to the covering, just stains, you could scrub, and spray with upholstery paint/dye.....Just did my armrests with the stuff from World Upholstery, and they look great, but $$...Chime back in, Esty, as I know that you have had more experience than me with such.

Regards, Dave V.

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I probably should get some of the gray marine vinyl. It's a good substitute, but as you say, it doesn't match the existing material. I've made new trunk boards and simply painted them because I have a nice mat covering them. It's probably a good time to buy a couple of yards and cover them properly. Here they are in paint:



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I feel the same way. It's actually going to be pretty practical for storing an extra quart of oil and a few emergency parts. It has 3 snaps that hold it to the side panel, and of course it rests on the trunk panel, so it's going to be pretty secure. I've only seen these in pictures so I'm psyched to get hold of one.

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