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Manual Transmission Swap


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are you talking about replacing an already existing auto trans car, or converting an manual to an auto?

or hardcore and going auto from a newer bmw....

the tunnel is bigger on an auto, so going from a manual to auto would definatly involve some reshaping. plus difernt drive shaft.

im considering swapping mine out, so mabeye i could help ya with parts however.

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Time, cost and difficulty can all be very different. I did the swap from auto to manual in my 74 and it was fast, cheap and easy. I had everything I needed already and I had done a few 5 speed swaps before so it was all familiar. Your biggest hurdle is going to be the pedal box if you haven't done this before though. Checkout the pictures on realoem for a better idea of what your gonna be swapping.

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Why is the Pedal Box such a hurdle? I've never heard that before.

I'm planning on the swap in the spring. Have most of the necessary bits incl. two Pedals Boxes, the best of which I am going to media blast and powdercoat along with rebushing the pedals and replacing the Master.

What am I missing?


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