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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

DC Chapterfest - Pictures


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and the video of two auto-x runs. sorry about the quality, i forgot to bring the in-car rig, so this is from a digicam my wife was using.

i tried to embed the video in the post, but the forum does not seem to support vimeo links, or i am inept....

dang i am going to miss this m10, it just sounds great in the car and is a blast to drive!

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Actually, I was driving the car the only way I knew how--at 3500 rpm or better. We (and by we, I mean Dudley and Jay) didn't get the car running until 1:05 AM the day of Chapterfest, and my first test drive began around 1:15 AM. The motor was running pretty rough, but it was running. It was an amazing feeling to have the car moving under its own power. After a late dinner at the Silver Diner, we went our separate ways and reconvened shortly after 9:00 AM. At around 10:00 AM, Dudley re-tuned the carbs and adjusted the timing, producing a much more drivable motor, albeit a bit rough below 3k due to a slight imbalance between the carbs.

We left for the party shortly after 11:00 AM. My experience blowing up M10's (two 2002's, 1 drive each, 2 dead motors) had me pretty freaked out, so I was cautious. But freaked out or not, I don't like getting passed on the highway, and I was worried that I might miss my first karting slot, which was set for some time around 1:00 PM. So, as always, I was in it to win it, and I wanted to get to the Kartholic church on time to deliver a homily on the day's gospel; a passage from the first and only letter from John to the Kartesians, in which it is written that the Master will steal your position like a thief in the night, at a time of His choosing; a moment that no competitor can predict; He will pass you again and again; and when the blessed checkered flag is unfurled, He will rise again to His rightful spot the centermost pinacle of the podium.

I was pondering these holy words as we crossed the drawbridge, when lo and behold I spied a dark colored roundie ahead. At 3500-4000 rpm in 5th gear, with a 3.91 LSD that I borrowed from Marshall (I'm waiting on dust covers for the output shaft seals on mine), my speedo was reading 85-90 mph--way over actual. With unreliable data like that, it was impossible for me to accurately gauge my speed. Well, that was my story anyway, and I was prepared to stick to it in court if necessary. The windshield (which Jay, Dudley and I installed between midnight and 1:00 AM) didn't have a safety inspection sticker on it, so I was certainly going to catch some hell for that if I got pulled over. I was prepared to perform some serious spoon bending on the truth by suggesting (not outright stating, mind you, but merely implying) that the windshield we had replaced had been properly tagged. And certainly it had been tagged at some point in the past, just not by me, and not within the past 5 years, and possibly not ever for a safety inspection. But these were details that only a real nitpicking traffic fascist would bother to point out, and Lord knows we don't have any of those around the nation's capital. Anyway, I figured that since the beltway is really wide and smooth, and the other vehicles on the road were being operated by capable, licensed drivers paying full attention to their surroundings as required by the law, it was relatively safe for me to let the carbs breathe in the fresh autumn air. And they did. And it was good. And we caught up with Arden and son in the tii. And we arrived at Chapterfest together, like brethren. Amen.


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