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1974 Golf Yellow Project Car in need of home (Iowa)

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Hello all, I acquired this in August thinking I would have time to mess with this but things have backed up with my e30 race car and a winter build on that to get it ready to kick some Porsche butt next season have created the need for more garage space...

Honestly I was going to turn it into a prod race car or a GT car that I could race with Midwestern Council here in the Midwest/Chicago area. The rust is in areas that panels could be made and or cut out and still be acceptable on a race car. For a street car/restoration style project, the parts are out there, and I guess it comes down to how much work you want...

Car does run/start/drive

Rust Issues:

-Spare Tire Well

-Bottoms of Front Fenders

-Rear Wheel fender arches

-Interior Floor

-Rocker Panels

Typical '02 Rust issues like the shock towers and front frame rails are actually fine on this car, one of the main reasons I purchased.

Included with purchase:

-All Interior Parts that I have

-Center console

-OE Seats (front/rear)

-Sidemarkers misc lighting

-E30 Sport Seats

-Rear Glass

-Spare Tire

Please contact me at Schreyert@gmail.com for questions or any thing you'd like to know.

Asking $950 OBO for everything shown, Delivery can be negotiated for a price depending on location, etc. Car is located in Waterloo, Iowa






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GLWS of your '02. I have only seen one super-nice Golf Squaretail & it is nearby in Yellow Springs, OH. Mostly I see them beaten up pretty badly. I'm not sure why Golf cars take such abuse. Save this one, somebody; I LIKE Golf. (& it's not called monkey-vomit-green, either!!)

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Any reasonable offers accepted,

Sadly, I realize this really is more of a parts car then a feasible rebuild for most...

I understand this and the price offered may be accepted based on this realization...

Let me know guys!

I can transport to most of the midwest - details we can work out on a case by case basis...


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