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2002 - 2011? Part 2


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This is a continuation of my previous post (http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,57/page,viewtopic/t,348817/highlight,/)

So I think I fixed my perspective problem and added a little more to the back, but keep in mind that the rear end would curve inwards. I made the top a little more square and refined the front spoiler. I have also put some wheels on it, not sure if I like these all that much.

For the back I'm going to make it a roundie and have the lights appear to sneak up under the belt line ( much like the headlights here )


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I am very impressed with both efforts. Very cool looking car...

However for a "retro-2002" I'd say it would have to look a lot more like a 2002 (i.e. a higher windshield for one). Kind of what they have done with the new Challengers. Otherwise it's just a nod to the 2002 model, rather than a true celebration...

Not to take away with what you have done, b/c it's pretty dang cool and much better than anything I can come up with.


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You fixed the perspective issue with the front end, but overall I think you're headed the wrong direction with the rest of the car. The few exceptions that are looking about right are the front end, high beltline, and maybe the rear lights (as you described them). The canopy is all wrong ('80s Ford Thunderbird), it needs more trunk, and the wheels, well I realize they're more of a placeholder for now.

Again, to sum it up in one simple statement. Study the e30 3-series and and take it one more evolution - like somewhere between an e30 and e36 3-series but with a 2002 front end. BAM! Someone quote that. I wish I was a car designer.

I hope you take this as constructive criticism. What you're doing means a lot to us even if it's just an amateur project. You're definitely checking with the right people.

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I see a number of proper design cues from more recent BMWs, particularly the new 1-series evident in your drawing. It is quite recognizable as BMW -- that's a good thing.

It is difficult for me (as a former Design Drawing Professor) to actually *read* your drawing because the perspective of your three-quarters view is a bit off.

Designing cars is an excruciatingly difficult task -- whether its a sedan, sports car or SUV. Based on these criteria, there are very specific engineering parameters for things like engine size, wheelbase, ride height, suspension location points and driver placement.

Because of the complexity of these stubborn fundamentals, most often the side view is composed first; then the front and rear views. Once these preliminary drawings are made, it is then possible to establish the drawing limitations of height, width and depth onto a perspective "grid." This rather crude-looking box is then "deconstructed" to plot body cuts, doors and hood/trunk locations in such a manner that the design can be "read."

It is a painstaking process by hand, but that's the way it used to be and is still the essence of automobile design.

The greatest challenge of designing a 2002 for the new millennium is analyzing the original design to extract its "Design DNA." What makes the 2002 (1600-02) body design so iconic? The answer is not always evident. That is because its designers studied classical art and incorporated numerous techniques used in ancient Greek architecture, refined during the Renaissance and re-applied to twentieth-century Post-War Industrial Germany.

That said, keep on drawing!!!


Professor - Design Drawing - Kendall College of Art & Design, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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I spent 4 yrs. (4 hrs./day, 5 days a week) in architectural design and drafting in a technical high school, then spent another 8 yrs. in the School of Art & Architecture at the University of Oregon. Therefore, I understand what Delia is refering to.

For example, it appears your driver's side light is pointed straight at the viewer, rather than straight down the road, and the driver's hood line appears more sloped back than does the passenger's side. If you were to do a plan projection down onto your perspective you would probably be able to correct some of things that appear a little off in your view.

Assuming you have not had a lot of formal training I think you're doing a good job. As Delia said, it's a lot harder than one would imagine. I learned all my perspective techniques before there were computers so it was essential to learn the basics.

Maybe some books on 3-point perspective would be beneficial. Don't give up, though.

Bob Napier

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You have a fine drawing there--far better than I could do--but as pointed out by others it's more reminiscent of current 1 & 3 designs than it is of a 2002. Some thoughts...

1. taller & narrower center grille

2. more upright windshield and taller side windows

3. longer rear quarter windows and more of a notchback vs hatchback

4. more pronounced side peaks on hood and trunk

5. can't see the rear, but round tail lights!

6. period-looking alloy wheels

Wish I could draw that well!


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I've seen this one as well. It even has a tutorial.


Without going into detail, this drawing is also difficult to "read." That's "read" as in "comprehend" as in, "do you read me?"

One glaringly obvious (un-"read"-able) challenge is whether the spokes of the wheels are concave or convex in profile (section).

The accompanying tutorial makes no mention of the fundamental rules of linear perspective (horizon line, vanishing points, vertical).

I've seen a number of books on how to draw cars, and FWIW, even these experts ignore the fundamentals, so don't feel too bad.


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I would make the trunk area a little longer, proportionate to that of the hood area the same ratio as the older series.

I would thin the sides in that in relationship to the roof it is a little thicker than I like, almost the same as the retro Camaro of today.

Like the grill layout, reminds me of the Z8. But the oversize wheels remind me too much of the new 1 series. 02s looked light and nimble, not of the "Fat Elvis" of today's 3 Series.

You could incorporate some Alpina flares that flow into a smoother air dam.

I would include a more distinct B Pillar, chromed not blackened, that what made them stand apart.

You could have a recessed chrome waist trim to be flushed with the surface just where plane breaks.

Just my 02 cents, but so far so good.


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