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Did they paint 10 Malaga cars for every one


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I think it was regional-

Jenn's car started out as actual white (purple now)

and we also have a golf, an atlantik, and some version of dark green (never knew that that was called)

I've had one sahara, one malagagaga, 2 other atlantiks, another white,

that metallic lighter blue... and a couple others that I forget.

So no, around here, we got a bunch of different colors.

I wonder if it's just the type of personality that got those colors preserved them better?



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Over here it's Agave, I've got one as to two of my friends and I've seen 3 others between corvallis and eugene. I've seen/know of more agave's local to me than the rest of the colors combined...but I love the color and it's nice to have the best looking one :)

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