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Have a front end shimmy issue


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OK, all new poly about 6 months ago. New control arm, radius arm bushings, new strut mounts, new shocks, new springs, new centerlink, new tie rods new idler bushings. New tires, new rims. etc etc. Only part not new are the ball joints because they were still solid feeling.

About 2 weeks ago I felt a shimmy in my steering wheel when I would do between 50-60mph. It would get a bit worse (like you can see the steering wheel wiggle)when you would be on a road with a gentle curve to it, either direction. I rotated the tires, still a shimmy. Went this morning had all 4 rebalanced, still a shimmy.

I have put about 15k on the car since the front end rebuild.

Should I have the front end aligned again?

Any help is appreciated

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You have just experienced what I went thru when I bought my car.

The front wheel bearings were loose. This also happens after you re-pack them and you must double-check the adjustment after driving for a bit.

Man you know, when I was having the front tires balanced they jacked the car up. I grabbed the front wheels and wiggled them. The bearings did seem loose. There was noticeable play. I will snug them tonight and see how that does

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Hi, i am experiencing the same thing right now with my Automatic 02.

I had the tires balanced many times, and all the rest is 100% new (recent ground up restoration)...(bal joint, tie rods,...)

Recently one of my friend who work in a garage told me i convinced his boss to buy a Roadforce tire balancing machine. Cool !

I went there the same day, and discovered that the tires are not only totaly out of round under load, but its inards feels like the tires has its belt broken.

Thoses are new tires btw...

Its like balancing a triangle...yes you can have it dynamicaly 100% balanced, it doesnt mean it will roll ;)...

so my bad...i will try to buy theses Kumho 165's....

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