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Wet recaro seats.......not happy


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We g=had some rain down in The OC. Window was down a little and car was parked outside for a few days. I forgot to check on the 02 after the rain and my recaro was wet.

How do I dry it (best practice)?

If it got to the foam how do I treat the foam?



searched and found nothing

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take some dry towels--several layers--and place them on the seat with a sheet of plastic over the towels. Then sit on it...read a magazine, clean the dashboard or windshield glass etc. Change the towels as they get wet--your weight will help squeeze water out of the foam and the towels will absorb it. Do this for about 20-30 mins or until the towels are no longer really wet when you go to change 'em.

Then use the fan--park out in the sun with the doors open etc.

I'd be VERY leery about using even weak bleach on the fabric--if you're worried about mould, use Lysol spray. If it smells funky after everything is dry, try some Fabreeze--that's great stuff--even does away with the smell of mouse pee!

Next time, close your windows--don't believe the song "It never rains in Southern California!"


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If it's a fairly recent recaro, the foam shouldn't absorb any moisture...

I"ve had my share of wet recaros incidents (plugged sunroof drain, parked facing down hill...). Just set it someplace dry, let it get plenty of air, maybe a little of that So. Cal sunshine, and it will be fine.

Don't worry about the smell, it's not going to overpower that horse hair smell that comes from your rear seat anyways. Unless you farted in it, then hit the Fabreze ;-)


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