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Best offset for a 13x7 & 15x6.5??


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Seller is telling me:

15x6.5 Polished these have been filled and drilled to 4x100 from 4x108.

Specs : 15x6.5 offset +35 4x100



- 4 inch dish

-redrilled for 4x100 offset ??

first lot are no good IMO - with a back space of about 117mm they'll probably touch the front strut without a spacer, certainly very close. I'd also want some assurance the new PCD has been done properly and that you have some come back if it hasn't (after the hassle of new tyres, shipping etc).

Second lot no good either:

4 inch dish = 101mm front space = 61mm ish back space assuming about 15mm for the wheel = ET of about minus 28 - which means they'll stick out like oars. This is a very rough calculation due to variation in thickness of the wheel and the vague nature of a 4" dish measurement.

And don't quote me - check my calculations!

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