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Good shop in San Francisco


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Hi gang! I have a '71 2002 I bought about 4 months ago. I have never worked on cars, but am handy in general. Thought I'd work on this guy more than I have. I got lazy/buzy, and realized that I just wanted to drive it like a go-cart rather than wrench on it :) I guess I'm probably the guy you guys hate. Managed to fix the turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights, and some other little crap but have realized I'm going to continue to be lazy. My clutch went out last weekend, but I managed to get her back in my garage. I poked around the site a bit, but didn't see "recommended garages" anywhere. Any recommendations? I'm in the Sunset. I could probably drive a mile or so without a clutch. Would prefer not to tow it into a garage (a clear sign of desperation). Would love to bring her to a garage familiar with them. Thanks!

Bad pic attached.[/img]


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Welcome aboard! Favorite shops is such a personal thing...

When we lived in the city, Hami Pramono of Auto Dynamic on 240 6th took care of Tip Top the 72tii. 415 861 8668. Hami and wife Cynthia are just great.

by the way...You do have a name for your car, don't you?

If you head up to San Rafael, Bill Arnold, 415 459 2697. Bill works exclusively on BMWs and watching him work is a learning experience. Another great guy.

Hook up with the Bay Area 02 http://www.bayarea02.com/ and join them on the monthly drives. You will learn, have fun and enjoy the best part of being an 02er, hanging out with other 02ers.


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You say your clutch went out, do you mean the actual clutch is fried or the pedal won't disengage the clutch?

Check your brake fluid, if it's low you may be able to just add some brake fluid, bleed the brakes and clutch to get you moving until you figure out where the leak is.

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i live in sf. if you ever need any help let me know.

when i need a close local shop i take my car to now valley auto works


they have helped me out a few times with suspension issues and timing, and i have seen some other '02 in the shop. a few of the guys there are into classic japanese cars.

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Hey PMP,

Nice to have a Sunset neighbor. I live at 23rd/Judah. From my estimate, there are at least 25 02 owners in our neighborhood.

Sean Casey and Tom Arnold are the two most frequent names of reliable and honest 02 mechanics that come up when I've asked in the past--I actually almost always ask that question of someone who owns an 02 locally. I have not used them, but in your situation "I" wosuld feel comfortable calling them.

I can tell you who you should absolutely stay away from and that is Phaedrus BMW. I was a long term client for my late model bmw's but there 02 service is scandalous. I've had two nightmares with them and it is over. They claim they have several experienced 02 mechanics, but they really only have 1 who works on other bmw's as well so in addition to doing poor work it often takes them a very long time to fix your car. My last bill had 3 days of labor and they kept my car for 5 weeks--always some excuse about parts from Germany. Anyway--just my two cents.

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