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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

My new 2002!!!!


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Yes, I did not believe this would be an addiction although everyone had told me.

I'm only 18 and I have been infected.

Some of you might wonder "wow he hasn't posted in a long time" since I have the reputation to ask a million questions. Well, that is because I was planning an m20 swap and knew I would have to ask a hell of a lot of questions so I decided to wait until I started.

At first my plan was to do the popular stock m20 swap. Then I decided to look into an eta stroker 2.7 m20. But... one day I came upon this on craigslist.

Most the work done for me...





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Yeah well at least they didn't hook it from the non structural hooks.

It was a 60$ tow. Not complaining!

So this guy has put a bunch of money and work into it. Its an m20 turbo. Rebuilt m20 engine to take on a turbo 45lb injectors etc.

Rebuilt supra turbo water and oil cooled.

Its a very clean swap. Its got mega-squirt too which is gonna be awesome.

The guy was super cool I got a steal. He went to a mechanic school had a good job spent lots of money on the project, lost it and wasnt able to work on it at his house because of the community home rules.

He really wants to see it done so he sold it to me for a lot less money than its worth but hes going to help me finish it.

It needs



Suspension (other than stock)

Finish custom pedal box

Megasquirt tunning (only idles)



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yep it's definitely a disease, just like the old volvo's (aka VD or volvo disease). In the last year I've bought 5 cars and parted all but one after continuing to change my goals.

Now I've got an M10 turbo which has put down massive hp + my resto mod and a turbo conversion "off road" volvo 245...and not enough money to finish any of them :(

Let me know what you decide to do for your rear end, I've pretty much got my mind made up but I'll be needing something that can handle similar torque numbers. It'll be good to see more nutty turbo 2002's on the west coast.

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I appreciate it Julio! Thanks.

Would be nice to get some extra hands.

As for the rear end I'm not sure. Just using the 320i driveshaft and gonna start with a 3.91 open diff cus I have one. IF i have money to get a smaller ratio I will. Then just use e21 brakes. bilstein sport shocks and adjustable springs

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The stock diff will blow up around <275whp unless you are very very careful, the E21 isn't much better unless you get a Quaife LSD unit(mucho $$$$). I'm going to do E30 medium case diff, E21 trailing arms, E30 axles w/E21 ends to mate to the E21 stub shafts. Well, that's the idea anyway...I'd like to build a rear end to hold 300+whp while allowing me to abuse it, a good condition E21 5spd will hold the power.

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Yeah well at least they didn't hook it from the non structural hooks.

It was a 60$ tow. Not complaining!

The tow hooks are welded directly to the sub-frame...and they're tow hooks...for towing.

If the tow truck driver hooked up to the controls arms then the tow will cost you more than the $60 you've spent as your control arms are likely bent now. Search the forum for examples of what happens and the costs due to improper towing..

It looks like you scored a rocket.

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