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Race Pad part numbers


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just a thought, but fast road and race are two different applications. you can't get a race pad up to operating temperature on any public road...

Marshall's got a point . . . race pads are specialized.

For example: I just started running a new type of rear shoe with carbon in the compound, and they need to be adjusted quite loose to allow for swelling (resulting in about half a pedal when cold). But by the end of a warm-up lap with a few stabs and drags, the brakes bite. Hard.

There's a racer brake shop I know with plenty of knowledge that supplies many types of pads and shoes, email me if interested and I'll give you the info.


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I use the Carbotech pads, the also have matching rear shoes. Call them and they will spec out the right pad based on application.

They are not cheap.

Ferodo has a good set of metallic rear shoes, I've used those, but the Carbotech's are a better pad.

I use Carbotech's XP-10 pads, and I am actually just leaving them on the car all the time. They squeal like a truck, are super dusty and i get some buildup (and shaking) on the front rotors when they are cold, but during a track event they work perfectly.

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Yeah, for fast road, track day pads I still like the Textars... with

Volvo calipers. They can take lapping days with no complaints.

Carbotec last I knew would make you shoes when you called them,

but they didn't show that in their catalog.

I race on old Hawk Blues- they only take half a lap to warm up...


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Thanks for all of the replies. I don't have Internet At the shop and couldn't reply.

I am looking for race spec pad numbers as this is a dedicated vintage racer. The nice thing about vintage racing is longer run sessions. That's also a bad thing when pads are in question regarding their longevity.

I've heard good things about Porterfield and Hawk Blue pads and will get pricing on them. Our warehouse supplier can source Pagid, Ferodo, and EBC. I am going to order the yellowstuff EBC pads (2002 crosses with the Ferrari/Alfa pad) since they are only $76 an axle, get a set of Ferodo (fc2 is the number I have found) and then see what I can find in rear shoes.

It's a stock braking system, but we might upgrade wheel cylinders and MC to Tii spec. Not sure that will happen this year, however.

Thanks again for the advice! I will update this as necessary with part numbers and performance for eveyones future reference.



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I think you might find Blues a bit too heat- intolerant for a stock 2002 caliper-

depending, of course, entirely, on how aggressive the driver is.

I've used HT-10's with the big caliper and found they loved the heat-

so much so that they didn't ever really get into their happy temperature spot.

You might do better with them with the smaller pads and unvented rotors.




I am going to order the yellowstuff EBC pads (2002 crosses with the Ferrari/Alfa pad) since they are only $76 an axle, get a set of Ferodo (fc2 is the number I have found) and then see what I can find in rear shoes.

It's a stock braking system

I have this doubt on this- the tii/volvo/533/633 pads cross with the Ferrari,

but I don't remember the stock size doing so. Double check your part


and when they're right, ignore me.



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Thanks Toby for the insight. I'm pretty much going by the fmsi numbers and cross referencing the physical dimensions using either the Hawk or EBC catalogue. One of them, ebc i think, only shows the greenstuff pad for the stock 2002 caliper. But if you look further down the list the same profile (d108) is listed for Ferrari alfa and opel in green, red, yellow and blackstuff.

Pagid says they cross with 356c fronts and 911 rears. Surprised theres not a number for stock 2002s considering their popularity in ITB racing.

I will let you know! Thanks!


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I just e-mailed Pagid and Ferodo for correct numbers. Might as well go to the horses mouth, eh?

As for ITB, the North East seems to be doing OK. But if you check their message boards, it's getting difficult to compete in the older machines, not just 02's.

I work with one of the smaller Vintage racing organizations, and I'm trying to plant the seed to offer "Refugee" run-groups for current/former SCCA production/IT cars. With SCCA's axing of the smaller G/H/F prod groups, and IT being more challenging to compete in, I think it would be great for these guys to have a group to run in as the cars were initially built; or, with a more forgiving rule set allowing more readily available part intechange/rubber etc.

There's no points or Runoffs in Vintage, but I imagine most of those guys would prefer to have a group to "run what you brung" as opposed to playing catchup with modern machines, or nothing at all.

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Hawk Blue? Please don't use them as they are very old technology. Somebody mentionned Hawk HT10, and these are the ones you want. Not kidding. The HT10s work great when cold, and offer superb progressive bite when hot. A very forgiving pad in all weathers that won't destroy your discs and car paint like the Hawk Blue will.

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