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Dr... Can it be fixed? (spastic idling)


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First off if this has already been discussed somewhere please provide me with the link.. ( no Internet at home to search through with)

Ok on to the issue.

The other day I noticed that the idle in my 72tii had dropped about 200 rpm.. From about 1000 to 800. Since I don't have a wideband yet, I have been trying to put off messing with it, since I'm sure my air/fuel ratio is way off any way.. But that's a different story.

Anyways the other day I was driving down the hwy and felt a sort of "hiccup". Almost like the engine lost fuel delivery for a split second or something, but it was very barely noticeable. Over the next 200 miles that I drove, it only did the 2 other times. The car still ran the same as it has for months though (pretty well).

Well now tonight I pull up to a light and she starts bouncing her idle anywhere from 1500 to almost 0 on the gauge... So I rev it up to keep it from dying and pull into the gas station. Pop the hood.. She was a quart low so I added a quart, and look around to see if anything was loose. The number three spark plug wire was loose and fell out of the diet cap when I touched it, so I pushed that back in there, and pushed the others in aswell to make they were good. Start it back up, idles better, but now bouncing from abou 800 to 400 once every 6 seconds or so. Still running good at this point still.

Stop at a friends house and on the way home from there, I start getting evolved versions of my hiccups from the other day, which then turn into sputtering... And power loss. It doesn't seem to make a difference as to how far the gas pedal is pushed down as to how much it sputters.

I just changed out the coil about a month ago... Could this be plugs and/or wires? What's the deal Yo?

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It is a Tii so... I did run fuel injector cleaner though it a few tanks ago.

Also I have pertronix..

I did think about the tank being clogged up, and I just put a new fuel filter a month ago.. I'll try messing the idle screw and with the mixture as well to see what I can do.

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Yes, it could be plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor. A tune up may be all you need. Check the compression and adjust the valves first. How are the air filters doing?

Visit tiiregister.com and download the free tii technical guides and tuning video.

Check fuel pressure. Change the fuel filter and clean the screens.

My tii used to cut out randomly because the fuel pump power connector wasn't pushed all the way on to the fuel pump. It's a bit of a challenge to get the rubber boot onto the fuel pump all the way so it doesn't try to push the connector back off.

Only after you're sure the mechanicals and ignition are good, should you fiddle with the injection. Mark the settings so you can go back to the beginning.

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Not sure if you solved this yet or not, but I ran into something very similar just last weekend. I had an extremely rough and inconsistent idle. For me it was cylinder #1. I could remove the plug wire with no change to the idle. I grounded a plug and the spark was not there at idle and very weak and inconsistent at higher rpms. The car felt like it was missing/hesitating quite a bit while driving. This got progressively worse over 2 days.

I swapped caps, rotors, plug wires, plugs, everything and I could not get good spark on cylinder #1. I finally pulled out the pertronix sensor and the plastic donut, cleaned them up a little and re-installed. Problem solved! My only guess is that something had stuck itself to the side of the donut that was interfering with the hall sensor.

1st post, btw. Just wanted to thank the board for all the awesome info on here. What a great resource for a newbie '02 owner ;)

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