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Console too short vertically


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I have a strange problem with my 73's console, not only is it a little floppy, it seems too short. By that I mean that it either leaves a big gap to the tunnel, or one between it and the dash (worse).

unfortunately, I've never seen another roundie up close and personal, so I cannot compare to mine to see what could be wrong. I'm pretty sure it's the stock unit since the green button and the hazard ones seem unmolested, but there is an aftermarket radio there so it is possible the PO messed things up.

Is there something that should support the console underneath, like a spacer between it and the tunnel ? That could explain the issues...

Can you tell me what the best method is to remove this without doing any further damage, and how it's "normally" attached to the car ?

I'd like to repair it, but if it's too complicated I'll do without, I can relocate one switch and one stereo under the dash. Thanks !

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Guest Anonymous

is it pushed in toward the front of the car all the way? usually it is secured with a screw from inside the front of the console down into the tunnel.

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