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Needs help pricing 1600-02 & Alpina parts


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As the title says I'm new here. A friend of mine wants to sell his BMW 1600-2 and a lot of extra parts (engines basically) he has. He was in to BMW's back in the 70/80's. One of the main extra parts is an engine with an Alpina racing head that was ported, larger valves,racing cam, rockers all setup at the Alpina factory with Weber 45 DCOE carbs and Tisa manifolds. The block has dome pistons w/valve cut outs and has an over bore. This was in a 2000Ti he had. He has several 2000 blocks w/cranks, 1800 short block and misc parts for the 1600 most of which is NOS. He has all the original parts for the car.

Being an old gear head myself, I'd like to sell the car with it's parts as one package and then the rest of the parts either with the car or separate. I don't know at this time about pricing or rarity of this stuff and need help with that. Once I get some idea I will put all the info in the proper place on this site and others.

The first site I came across was the "02forum.co.uk" and they sent me to this site. Seems like you both are knowledgeable about these neat old Beemers. Any help would very much be appreciated. You can see some photos of what's for sale here: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n464/geop69/Petes%20BMW/

The car is very solid. It came from CA back in the late seventies. Was driven for a few years in the summer then put in a garage where it's been setting for 30+ years. I'd like to see the car go to someone that will restore it or build it as a vintage racer.

Thank you, George

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Nice looking car. A '68? Post the VIN if you would.

Kinda hard to set pricing. It rather depends on what the market, or rather, one individual is willing to part with.

The car will need a lot of freshening but it certainly appears to be a good candidate.

BTW your subject line is a little vague. Clarifying it a bit may get you more sentient responses ;-). My main intent here is to bump the thread to the top so others might notice!



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i'll give you $500 for it!

does the car run?

where is it located?


Randy Bryant

Elkton, VA

That's a good down payment. Eh. The car came from CA back in late 70's early 80's. It was driven in summer around here. (west of Cleveland OH). Then it was garaged until last year. He hasn't started it even though it should fire up with new plugs, battery and fuel. I'm trying to get him to do this.

The other motor ran before he took it apart.

Anybody have an idea where to start on pricing car and or parts? Any where I can look?

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Hard to say on the ALPINA stuff. Is the head numbered? If it is indeed an ALPINA prepped head it should have a 4 digit serial number stamped on it (somewhere). What size valves are in it (Exh and Int.). What cam is in it? The manifolds and webers are probably $500-600 items sold separately assuming they are OE BMW ti manifolds and not ALPINA's (more if they are ALPINA's) and the carbs don't need rebuilding. Need to see what the pistons look like. Is the block an ALPINA block or from something else. Is it a complete ALPINA engine, again the same number that is stamped on the head will be somewhere on the block. More questions than answers sorry, without them though impossible to wag a guess.


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This stuff sounds like total crap. If you ship it to me (at your expense, or course), I'll do my best to sort it out for you.

Sincerely yours,

The Once Proud Former Prince of Nigeria

P.S. Best of luck with this stuff. As you are already aware, the Alpina gear is pretty rare stuff, and you can't trust anybody west of the Mississippi to give you fair pricing. Californians are especially untrustworthy, what with their low-cost marijuana, and rust-free, shiny cars offered up free with a purchase of a 22-ounce Dr. Pepper. It's hard to take a person seriously if he/she hasn't had to survive a winter without surfing, scrape rust off a windshield, or go shopping in a mall full of pasty fatties with east coast accents. But I digress. Best of luck liquidating your treasure trove.

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FWIW, the VIN decodes as a 1967 1600.

I've recently been looking a lot of 02s -- nearly all of the unrestored West Coast cars are showing rust-through in the typical areas.

This one appears to be a lot like many of the California cars I've seen. The rear quarterpanels are showing rust and it's not remedied easily. Most likely they will need replacing along with the trunk floor and both outer wheel houses.

While the rear quarterpanels are off, it would be an excellent idea to check for rust at the suspension mount points. Rust can weaken these areas and cause excessive chassis flex or possible suspension failure.

The trunk floor is also suspect. Not only does the spare tire well rot, but the they rust around the fuel tank.

That said, looks like a great project, especially with winter coming on.



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The only thing I can say is the title says it's a 68. The wheel wells and trunk floor are solid so is the floor. Being a white color, one would expect the car being rusty. That is not the case though. For the exception of the door corner/bottoms and the right rear bottom quarter the car is in really good shape.

I think I'm going to work with him on getting it started. Even if he has to spend money. heheh it won't be my money.

Hey Prince if you send a check for more to make sure you cover the shipping, Ill reimburse you the difference in cash. OK?

Found out the head is a stock type BMW, has a # on it of 121 then a 67. I'm going over there today to find the paper work on the head work/cam#. He has all the paper work for everything bought and done to the car since he got it. He does have some NOS 13" hub caps and rings for the wheels. I was also told the grill is not original and it should have 5 bars each side instead of 4. So like many older classic cars some parts may not be original. IE. dash and steering wheel.

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