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Are outer CV joints still purchasable?


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I obtained my car w/o any rear or cv axles and I have installed a e21 rear diff... I have all the e21 parts but have read about all the options to make them work. The one I am trying to do is affix the outer CV joints from a 2002 onto the e21 cv axles. I was told this would then fix the length issue and bolt size/pattern to the spindle. I've already tried to purchase a set of complete cv axles from a 2002 w/ cv joints attached from ebay and the seller never sent them nor responded to any of my messages so I finally recieved a refund. Still looking for possible ways to make this work so I can get this baby rolling again. 1973 BMW 2002. 1980 BMW e21 320i parts.[/i]

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My experience a couple of years ago looking for new/rebuilt cv/axles is that they are NLA. Even had mechanic make phone calls to his local CV rebuilder guys who said no.

Perhaps they are available from BMW Mobile Tradition/Classic BMW/what ever they call it now-a-days or Walloth & Nesch?

I'd be very interested in other's experience on this issue too.

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Refurbished output shaft with CV joints is available through mobile traditions. Bring your World Bank loan officer: Part number 33211105427 is $415.12 plus shipping, each side. The CV joints aren't available individually. http://www.bmwmobiletradition-online.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2215&mospid=47140&btnr=33_0879&hg=33&fg=25

You might check with Ultimate Garage. There's an excel spreadsheet on their site that shows 5 CV joints available for $105 each. Not so sure if that spreadsheet is current. http://www.ultimategarage.com/Parts-ClassicBMW/drivetrain2002.html

Best of luck. If you find a cache of CV joints, please let me know!


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leak grease out/let dirt in, the joints themselves will last a loooooooong time (mine are original at 228 and 223k miles respectively) so you could simply get a set of used axles and take the parts you need off 'em, pack with fresh grease, install new boots and yer in business.



easier said than done... I've tried to purchase 2 pairs so far and one company let me know 2 weeks later they were no longer in stock and some other guy on ebay never sent them and I got my $$$ back. Haven't really been able to find any at all.

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