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Battery Draining!


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I just replaced my battery this weekend and the car was slow to start. Made me wonder about the same issue. I amt thinking I just had a dead spot on the starter as it went away. Will see. My headlights and tailights are dim, do not know if that is related. I will let it sit this week and see if the battery has drained. Will work on it this weekend. Have the turn signal probem where it blinks once, then no more light although the lights work and you can hear it. I would assume that is not related.

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Get a DVOM preferably a fluke meter, disconnect the positive cable on the battery, place the dvom in series between the cable and battery read the number on the meter it should be .025 miliamps or lower if the number is higher then .025 start pulling fuses till the number on the meter go's to 0 when it does thats the circuit affected. this should be an easey diag as 2002 is a very electronically primitive vehicle. a common problem is within the alternator rectafier bridge or diode trio.

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may not be battery "draining" - maybe alternator not charging ???

lets get a volt meter on the battery first - like a COMPRESSION test with motor diagnosis.......

need volt readings motor/key off

...."......with motor cranking over

....." ......with motor running at 3,000 rpm

bad alternator diodes can cause key-off drain on battery also.......

get a volt meter honey

other stuff - is there anything wired to the car that is HOT all the time

with KEY OFF ?

Radio, radar detector, vibrator, ipod, ???????

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