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stiff shifting 325es - to buy or not to buy ...


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... so I have been in the market for a new daily driver to get my 02 off the road for the winter. I've come across what seems to be a great deal on well taken care of 87 325es - the only problem being an unnaturally stiff shifter. Someone somewhere along the way installed a short shift in her, but the folks selling it don't know anything about it. This is about the only thing that is holding me back (I'll likely end up buying her no matter what, however ...) I'm not versed at all in the finer points of short shift systems, but with a little poking around I seem to to notice that this could be the result of a cheap kit or poorly matched fluid --- any thoughts??? --- I'm no master mechanic, but I've managed to hack my way through a great many problems on my 02 over the past 5 years - I'd just like to get a better idea of what I might be getting into before jumping right into this one. She shifts hard enough now to be quite bothersome and I suspect that it could get a bit worse in the middle of a cold Maine winter .... Thanks!!!

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