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help! electrical issues. UPDATED. still nothing


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so i went to drive around yesterday, and as i started my car my wipers went on, then stopped halfway down. and now they wont work with the switch on the end of the signal lever. they DO work when i pull it forward to work the washers though.

and, im not sure if this is connected, my brake lights dont work at all apparently either. somone told me that one when i was driving. as far as i can tell, all my wires are conected to get them to work, but theres nothing showing up. anyone got a brake light wiring diagram or somthing? i dont have one for the whole system.

any ideas of what i should try checking first would be apreciated

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If it's a squarelight the brake lights and wipers are on the same fuse (#5) ; same with a 12 fuse roundie (#12), but not 6 fuse roundies, so the first thing I'd check is the fuse. Don't just wiggle the fuse; take it out of its holder and examine the ends--they actually wear through as well as corrode. Clean the contacts in the fuse box while you're at it.

If that doesn't get you going again, re-post and we'll do some more head scratching...


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On my car the wipers work when I touch the wiring plug connector and occasionally they stop working. Follow the turn signal switch harness (if it's a pre-74) or the wiper stalk harness (74+) to a plastic plug where it connects to the car's wiring harness. Pull that out, make sure everything looks OK, and try fiddling with it while it's connected to see if the wipers start working. I'm going to replace my switch+harness to see if that will solve it, I think the plastic plug itself is loose or something like that.

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