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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

1968 1800 shell available in WI


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I just picked up this car so I have updated photos. I will have many parts available for sale as I go through the pile I picked up over the weekend but the first thing I need to do is dispose of the car since I can't keep it on my driveway for too long. Someone here is interested in taking some floor sections but before I do that, I'd like to give priority to someone who would take away the whole shell.

See photos here: http://picasaweb.google.com/citroenami61/BMW1800JohnOttoInMN?authkey=Gv1sRgCKur2JWopYmPXQ&feat=directlink

It will have no interior (seats and door panels), no engine or gearbox, no airbox (blower and heater), no gas tank, no brake booster, no dash, dash trim or dash equipment to speak of. It will also be missing some other small trim items that I need. Unless someone would like to buy any of these with the car. I am looking for any offers of at least $200 and the ability to carry the complete car away from my driveway before November 15. I can take more specific photos upon request and upload them.

This car has no rust to speak of (just some surface) and has been sitting in a garage on blocks since 1979. It was found by the guy I bought it from (in MN) in a junkyard in SD. The car is a European model and has the sticker of a French dealer in the back. Also has a passed SD inspection sticker from 1976. Have no idea of what the engine condition is.

Unless Mr. Admin or the group tell me otherwise (i.e., to post in the parts for sale section) I will be posting here all the additional parts (from this car and a '67 2000TI) that I will soon have photos for.

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If this car wasn't going to be stripped, it would be a cool Vintage rescue project for someone....a shame to strip and cut up a car that appears to be pretty complete and rust-free.

Any takers out there so I can sleep well at night? I sorta have room on my driveway, have some parts and access to others, really shouldn't spend the money and don't have the time due to my other projects.


Big Rock, IL

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Trust me, it's the best outcome for this car. It's a no-runner pulled from a junk yard 30 years ago... I share your pain for seeing 'good' cars like this stripped and crushed but the reality is these cars are not vintage Ferraris where the ultimate value supports investing thousands of dollars to end up with a crappy looking barely-running car... Its soul will live on in other better preserved siblings that will be better for its sacrifice :-)

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The funny thing is that I was seriously considering buying the car Mike B bought, but was concerned about the rust that wasn't easy to see in the pictures. Mike bought it before I could go look at it. That it needs floors confirms what I was worried about.

My first though upon seeing pictures of the white shell was that it was probably a better shell than the other car, but the interior and mechanicals would need more work. If I were to buy it, I would be interested in buying the entire car with all the parts instead of just the shell. And yes, I was thinking more than $200!

But it looks like Rey is interested in buying the whole shebang, so more power to him!


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