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FAQ Forums Best Practices Handbook for Buyers and Sellers

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In the interest of seller sanity, and happy car buds, I propose a 'Best Practices' List:

1. Everyone: Use the "View posts since last visit" button on the Forum Index when you first log in. In fact, I find it works great to have a bookmark in the "bookmark bar" across the top of my browser that opens directly to that search. I call it "this just in!". One click and I'm looking at all the tasty new posts..

2. Sellers: Post individually for items of particular interest or high dollar value. -Post in bulk for common parts.

3. Buyers: ALWAYS POST "EMAIL SENT" when interested in a particular item before clicking the 'email' button..

4. Sellers: Use a sticky if you have a product so you are always visible. And then pay your thanks to Steve and the site for giving you the avenue to sell with out having to use eBay or getting your hard work pushed off the first page..

5. Sellers: Keep is real by honoring the first to post "email sent" as first in line for the part. If he passes, or goes MIA for more than a day, move on. That being said..

6. BUYER: If you are first in line. Move swiftly toward communicating a decision/payment if you expect the seller to honor the system.


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