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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

SoCal Vintage is Here! 

Post your photos!

Going to Pinks tomorrow as pit crew


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it would be nicer to have a cute girl doing that, vs a bald dude....

Here are some pics from today. Basically - spent all day:

Going through tech inspection

Fixing an electrical short on the car

making a time trial run (9.14 1/4 mile, 148 mph top speed)

eating burgers.

Worn out and sweaty - but here are some pics:

The '02 looks a bit out of place here:


My buddy Mando's car:


Some people travel in style:


Carbon Fiber? Nope, sheetrock tape (seriously - it really is):


Great old Galaxy:


Race day tomorrow. Hope for the best.


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Ken -

Looks like you had fun! I agree about using a cute starter gal.

a) In the first picture, is the guy in the background (F-series 2-tone truck) changing his oil - or is the front up in the air to help with the trailer angle?

B) That's a mighty "high-rise" intake manifold on your friend's Dodge.

c) I like the Orange Duster with black hood treatment.

d) Lots of RAM pickups at that event.

e) Did you have to pay for some race fuel $$$? Once burned in an engine, that smell (to me) is addictive.

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Jim -

Ha ha. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out! I checked over there today, and they still had that truck up. I think it was because of the ramps on the trailer, they had to have the back of the trailer lower to make it easier to get their car off.

Yeah - the intake on the Daytona is crazy. Actually - the whole engine is crazy. When he dyno'd it last it was putting out 748 hp and about 650 ft*lbs of torque.

The duster was very nice. The "black hood" was made of sheetrock tape. Seriously. Sheetrock tape and clearcoat. Looked just like carbon fiber..... There was a 68 dart that was running with that guy (they were father/son). The dad said "When you poor - you gots to improvise". But, both cars were immaculate. I'm doubting the "poor" comment.

The duster actually got picked for the round of 32, but got eliminated immediately. Too bad - that is a very cool car. I love the external gauges on the cowl....

Lots of Ram pickups pulling some big trailers.

And finally - what is it about race fuel that makes the exhaust smell so sweet?

Anyway - rough day at Pinks for us. Got sunburned (again), even after multiple coats of ultra-sweatproof SPF 50 sunscreen...

More electrical gremlins. We had the car running great, and then went over to run with our group. Got in the staging lines, and was about to get up to stage. Went to start the car (we actually push/tow the car everywhere, because the fuel tank is so small), and nothing. Had to push it off the staging line and do the "walk of shame" past the grandstands and the main vendor area. Totally sucked. So - our first run was a washout.

Worked on the car for 2 hours - changed the starter and alternator, and we think we isolated at least 1 short in the line between the battery and starter. Started the car twice, and thought we had it.

Towed the car to the staging area. They were moving cars through so fast, our driver had barely enough time to get his gloves and helmet on. Pushed up to the area and the car started (yes). Rich did the arm drop, and the driver in the other lane (in a late model firebird) got the jump. He was probably a car length ahead of our guy by the time we got going.

But - that big engine helped, and we finished 1st in our heat - 9.17 s 1/4 mile at 148 mph. The firebird was 9.38 at 143.

Unfortunately - the entire thing is a gimmick, and they picked a slower class (the 9.5 to 10.0 "G" class), and only 32 cars out of that slower class. How they pick those cars - good guess. I think they pick the nicest looking ones that run the closest. After all - it needs to be good TV.....

really tired. I hope my kids sleep in tomorrow.



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