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Engine Upgrade


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My main goal for my 2002 is get at least 300-500HP out of the engine. Do i either rebuild the engine to the specs i desire or do i find another engine and swap. My main concern about engine swapping is will the new engine fit with out adding new motor mounts. And what engine would be the best to put in the 2002? I've been hearing the 1989-1990 BMW M3 e30 is great engine but i just want to make sure.

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Guest Anonymous

500 HP?? are you going to attach wings and see if you can make it fly too? An S14 swap would get you around 250, and from what I have heard that is stupidly fast in an 02.

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300...500hp range is doable with m10 turbo. It's actually one of the best starting points for high power turbo. 300 is on easy side while 500 will require some more planning and budget. I don't see sense in going to s14 if you need to count your money.

Recipe is simple. Enough boost for the power target, mechanical parts that can handle it and good ecu for control. Something along these lines http://www.bmw2002faq.com/component/option,com_forum/Itemid,50/page,viewtopic/t,336561/


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Let me get this straight. You want "to get at least 300-500" HP.

First off, "at least" indicates a minimum. A minimum is not expressed as a range, but as a finite value. So you're not targeting a specific value in order to achieve a defined goal, like a quarter mile time, top speed, etc. You just want a crazy powerful motor in a 2002. But you're worried about changing the motor mounts.

You might want to give this plan of yours a bit more thought. The stock 100 HP motor had a tendency to crack the subframe where the motor mounts are connected. Tripling or quintupling the motor's HP is going to exacerbate that problem. You'll be lucky if the motor stays in the engine compartment. But you'll need more than just beefed up motor mounts and a reinforced subframe. You'll need a whole new rear end, suspension and brake setup if you actually want to drive the car. And you might want to plan on a roll cage.

In games like Gran Turismo, ToCA Racing, Project Gotham, Forza, GT3, Need for Speed, etc. you can focus solely on upgrading the motor and ignore everything else. In real life you can do the same, but you might not be able to use the "Restart" button. You're more likely to end up in "ghost mode".

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this is no more an upgrade.

over 250hp, the car flexes everywhere, the rear axle want to twist under the car, the engine rocks to the right and gets stuck on the shock tower.

You need way better brakes, suspension and tire to control the beast.

you cannot just "upgrade" the motor to 300hp as is without adjusting the rest. This is just plain stupid.

For instance, my own turbo 02 does 250-280hp in its current form. The car is very very dangerous. It spins 1-2-3 205's easy. The car wanders everywhere during acceleration. It takes a lot of control and cold blod to hold it straight on the road. And it is "upgraded" logicaly all around, except that now it needs body reinforcements everywhere.

And the issue, that not a lot realy understand, is when you push the mechanic this far in thoses litle monsters, you get faster and closer to obstacles, like a stop or a street light, or worse, another car ahead of you. This happens way faster than you can believe. And since its not a bike (light), ie, a car, it is heavy and REQUIRES proper control, ie, brakes, suspension and tire grip.

How many racer kids i know that wraped themselves around trees...some even killed...

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