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Mystery Bosch distributor in my car


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My Tii clone ('75 with '72 K-Fish and parts) has a Bosch distributor PN# 0231129026 installed and it doesn't come up as a part number for an 02. Google searching came up with a link to an 2002FAQ post from a guy with '70 1602 with that distributor. All other hits are in Russian.

Perhaps a former owner had a Russian Volga part lying around his garage, or perhaps the correct distributor was not available or too expensive at the time it was needed. Either way, I'm wondering if anyone has any insight.

The car has been running well with this distributor, but it might be time for a new one.


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Looks like the body is cast iron...if so it's either from a pretty early 1602, a NK sedan or (shudder!) a VW, Porsche or most any other 4 cylinder German car from the 50s or early 60s. If it has a grease cup or grease nipple, it''s definintely ''50s vintage.

However, since it seems to be allowing the engine to function properly, the most logical source would be from an earlier M10 installation, like a NK sedan or 1602--especially if it has a vacuum advance.



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Thanks Mike - There's no vacuum advance in this distributor.

My "old-school" mechanic (a former BMW dealer mechanic in the 1980's, now independent) wants to remove the MSD 6A capacitive discharge ignition in my car.

He urges me to trust BMW's engineers and install the original mechanical Bosch Tii distributor. "That's what they designed for your car, and that's what you should put in."

However, PN# 0 231 151 008 is NLA. I don't want to take a chance on a used unit only to then have to rebuild it. I'm inclined to go with IE's replacement distributor, which seems to be the most cost effective, close to original solution.... and for only $150.

The car has one intake valve that's not closing, so we're going to pull the head and do a valve job. While we're at it, I'm thinking about pulling out the Shrick 292 and putting back a stock cam to make the car more "around town" friendly and get better mileage. I'm not planning on racing, though I like HP just like the next guy.

Thank god for the 2002FAQ to get everyone's opinion.

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IN the FWIW department, I decided to go the same way with IE when the old dizzy in my '72 gave up the ghost. The IE part is slick...performs beautifully...and they were extremely helpful on the installation. I'm glad I made that decision instead of trying to part together something.

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There's nothing wrong with the 6a, and certainly no reason to go to points!!!

But a new dizzy with a pertronix triggering a 6a will be a great ignition system...

especially since you own many of the parts already.

And unless you have a strong reason to pull the 292,

I think it's a fine 'round town cam. Especially in a tii,

which has the added refinement to deal with it's ever- so- slightly more

aggeressive nature...

but that's me...


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Hi Toby,

That's what's great about the 02FAQ.... being able to read others experiences, and get informed opinions from so many seasoned owners.

Do you know of a way to test the 6A to see if it might be contributing to the rough running and idle as Bill believes?

Valve repairs seem inevitable, now that we've adjusted the valves to specs and added a few shots of Seafoam to clean out the system.

The 292 versus 264 cam will be a big decision. I could go either way.

After the valves are in good order, dealing with the distributor will be next.

As a newbie I've had my car for only a few months now, and have spent most of that time getting the car running right. I paid a high price for it, considering it's just a Tii clone. But it was worth it to me to be able to buy locally. The prior owner, track races vintage BMWs, and sold this one less than a year after buying it. I'm sure he sold it for reasons he wasn't eager to disclose. The cost of fresh injectors, a valve job, a new distributor probably soured his enthusiasm.

As with most 35 year old BMWs still around today, my car was both babied and modified. I'm physically isolated from 02 resources in Montana. I may be one of the only Tii owners in the state.

Therefore, I'm heavily influenced by the opinions of one person who's been helping me - Bill Martin. As an old school BMW mechanic, he doesn't like, (or perhaps isn't comfortable with) newer technology. He's not an internet kind of guy, and is mostly unaware of sites like this. So I do the research - parts, options, prices - while he has the experience and turns the wrench. We're both learning.

I think it's going to be a great driver once I untangle these issues.


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Hmm, yes, you can wire around the 6a, but you'll probably need to change

the coil, too, as the 6a is usually paired with a low- resistance primary coil.

And that introduces another variable into the mix...

Yeah, it SOUNDS like a big jump from the stock cam to the 292,

but when you look at them side by side, they're not that dissimilar.

The 292 has pretty moderate overlap, (lobe separation angle, these days)

which is what tends to kill your smooth idle as much as anything.

Too bad about the bent valve- that makes a 'before' test

pretty meaningless.

I think if it was me, if the cam turns out to be in good shape, I'd try reusing it.

If it's worn, pitted or a mess in other ways, I wouldn't spend the money on

a new Schrick, I'd go back to stock- no, I lie, if it's me, I'd run a regrind.

But the stock cam's a pretty healthy performer.

Anyway, sorry to add to the confusion...


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