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14th Annual SoCal Vintage BMW Meet 2021! “All couped up”

Registration is still open. Rally from NorCal is scheduled for Friday. Post your event photos.

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help with paint


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It looks like you are not getting even wet passes. Some areas appear to be dry or have over spray on them. What ever you are doing it appears to be consistent in every pass. Are you keeping your spray gun nozzle parallel to the surface? Is there a filter on your air source?

You want to lay the paint down wet but no too much or it will run. You want it wet enough so the over spray melts into the previous pass.

It's kinds hard to explain, I learned by watching then doing. There are some good demonstration videos on youtube that might help you.

Good luck!

Check out these links:


notice how the surface is evenly shiny = wet

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horizontal panels are much harder to paint than vertical ones...i believe that your gun needs adjusting...the fan spray is not even...it appears to be spraying heavier at the top and bottom of the fan...i use masking paper on a wall to get the gun adjusted before pointing it at my car...the spray and amount of paint should be the same top to bottom of the pattern

i'd adjust the gun, raise the hood to make it easier to paint, starting at the top working down and apply a couple more wet coats

what type of gun are you using

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thanks, did 2 quick coats, was not happy...sides look much better, this third pass, was after watching hours of those demonstartion videos, did notice that fan was not perfectly semetrical....may be gun adjustments.

Did do test patterns on paper to get right shape pattern with fine droplets, etc....practice, practice....

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didn't think of raising the hood, good idea. got same thin on roof and trunk...maybe i can turn the car on its side.

using s DeVilbiss starter gun kit, came with 2 guns for about $150....was great for primer etc....more at stake here...

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ventilation is good,m temp has been wonderful, mid 70's and dry...light is not as good as it should be. Have a friend with a paint booth, might be worth sanding and then moving project to his location.

Have a good solid coating around windows etc, so i can put glass back in and it will be driveable....

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it looks like a zebra! We get that sometimes in the shop too. Part of the problems is that you may be using too fast of a reducer. The reducers are what allows the paint to settle evenly and they are made or designed to work in a temperature range. If they evaporate too soon then the gun pattern is more evident, especially with some inexpensive guns. It also depends of the temperature of the "substrate" - a fancy name for whatever your are painting. I would change for a 10 degree warmer reducer, that is if the temperature in your "booth" is 80 go with 90 degree reducer which is designed to evaporate slowly.

If you shot primer with the same gun, make sure all your orifices are clear. They say not to use steel wire to clean them, but we do it all the time without any ill effect. Good luck.


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