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1975 2002 for a Rally/Vintage project


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I am a newbie to your site, just found a '75 Red 2002 4SPD in AZ which has low compression in one CYL. Interior was replaced paint is sun burned. I am looking for upgrade information, I see there are a various models with FI or Turbo's even a 2.5 litre engine.

My plan:

To run a single hoop roll bar, 13" x 8 rims, Arch Flares and no turbo. I can run Premium Fuel as this is not going to be a daily driver.

I am attending the vintage event in Las Vegas on the 16th of this month to ask some racers for additional info.

My Questions:

What is the best 10:50:1 Compression engine or piston set up to use M10? M Series 2.5L?

Is the gearing in the 5SPD 318 better for perf. than that of the 4SPD?

Any tricks to lowering the susp.?

What to look for in the rear, CV joint weakness, sway bars etc?

Thanks for the suggestions, I am new to the older BMW needs.

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