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Accelarator linkage ??


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Hi everyone,

So I've been enjoying the last few weeks after getting her off of blocks. Aside from the one idiot that was driving a new 328 who almost rear ended me, then wanted to get mouthy about it its been great till the linkage slipped at the pedal box.

Does anyone have other types of accelarator linkages installed other than the mechanical lever one? I hoping someones got some info on some cable type linkage and that its working great for them.



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Hey Mark,

Many connect a cable linkage to the mechanical linkage, after it get's up along the engine firewall. I haven't seen that many with the cable connected down low.

If your pedal linkage slipped, it's usually readily fixable. The slip is often caused by a loosening of the bolt that tightens the toothed clamp around the pivot shaft. To fix, loosen the bolt, apply some thread sealant, pull up the pedal all the way, if possible to the teeth on the pivot shaft, then retighten the bolt. Make sure the spring doesn't disengage it's sprung rotation around the pivot shaft and the rod attached to the clamp.



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