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For those running dual 45s


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The manifolds are Mikuni 45's. My assumption, but perhaps it is a poor one, is that the intake opening on the head is going to be a smaller opening than 45mm. As such, to make the most of the 45mm induction system, it would seem that you'd want to smoot out the airflow into the head, no? So my question is (assuming the above is correct) is how much of an "overlap" will there be between the 45mm intake manifold and that of the inlet port of the head?

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I'd think the manifold(s) would want to match the inlet ports on the head, on the head side, and your carb outlets on the other side - that's how my Warneford manifold is set-up.

I haven't seen much on opening up the head inlets any to match carb size, or more specifically carb-choke sizes. (You're not running 45 chokes in those DCOE 45s, right?) If anything, I'd think a smooth necking through the manifold tract would create a venturi effect that would speed the air/fuel intake. If there was to be any head-side reconfiguration, I'd expect it to be slight, so as not to adversely affect the head design/flow - which is an E12 is supposed to be quite good, stock. I aware some racing set-ups might do that, but those guys have flow-benches to optimize the changes they make.

MY $0.02


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