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Single Solex Air Cleaner: ID HELP Please

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I purchased this a few years ago on ebay as a NOS 2002 item and when it arrived I spent so much time marveling at the beauty that I didn't realize until several months later that it is not plumbed correctly for a US spec car. Does anyone know what model this was actually used on, and where can I get some new gold clamps to replace the two that are missing? Also, what would it take to use this on a 1600 or 2002? Thanks, -Ben




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the large pipe that is missing on your new air cleaner isn't necesssary. IIRC it feeds the air pump with nice fresh air. When I removed all that junk from my 69 back about 1974, I plugged that hole with a metal Caplug.

The other openings are for the valve chamber breather (the horizontal one) and the carb float chamber vent (has rubber grommet).

Thus your new one should fit your '68. As for the clips, I honestly don't remember if mine were gold or silvery cad plate when the car was new. I'd just rob the ones off your old air cleaner, clean 'em up a bit (if not rusty they'll clean up surprisingly well) and give 'em a squirt of Krylon Dull Aluminum (that all purpose 2002 paint!). They'll look just fine.

BTW, there's a GM air filter cartridge that's a drop in for that air cleaner--goes to most 6 cyl GM cars from the 60s and early 70s except Pontiac Sprints with the OHV 6.



PS--Ben, it would be most helpful to us authenticity nuts if you could find a readily available spray paint in a grey that matches your NOS air cleaner...

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I think all the (at least US) 2002s had grey air cleaners including the 68s--it was the 66-67 1600s that had black ones. Then in either 1974 or 75 they went back to black air cleaner cans--they're a slightly different design on the cover than the earlier grey ones.

The filter cans were made by Purolator and (I think) Mann, so that might account for the different colors. Don't know that for sure, though.


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