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Front Hub Torque Specs


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So I have the manual and the FAQ link that decrypts some of the language a bit (http://www.bmw2002faq.com/content/view/48/32/), but I'm still not sure of the setting for the front hub... I'm sure it's in there, but frankly I need to eat dinner and I'm probably not thinking clearly. And I can't imagine it's like a bike hub (by feel), but if so, that's fine too.

Anyway, help is very much appreciated!

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Guest Anonymous

Add to the above ... put a flat blade screwdriver into the slot in the thick washer behind the castle nut.

First torque at about 20ft/lbs. If done correctly, hub is difficult to rotate at that point. Then slacken the castellated nut a little at a time until you can move the thick washer back and forth with little resistance.

If you can move the washer that means there is enough play. Set the cotter pin at that point in the next 'looser' slot.

Final test, rotate hub. It should not drag or something was done incorrectly. Repeat steps until wheel just rotates freely. A little play is fine for normal driving. Then put assembly together and wheel on.

Once wheel is securly mounted with 4 bolts tightened to proper torque... Grab wheel at 3 O'clock and 9 O'clock position and wiggle. The amount of play should not have increased. A very small amount of play is fine, to much is bad. Repeat steps until play is just right.

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Sorry to bring up an old thread, but it is directly related.

The specs from the FAQ says 43-48 for the Brake disc to wheel hub. IS this the same thing just worded funny. That seems like a very tight hub, lol.

In the past i did it by feel, i did calipers and lines today and i figured i would torque the hubs properly; now that i have a torque wrench.

Is it really by feel or is there a number besides 20lb-ft then loosen until it feels good?

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The number you quote is exactly what it says-

the hex- headed bolts (4) which hold the brake disc

to the hub.

There is no torque number- because there should be zero torque

on it. If there's torque, you'll destroy the front wheel bearings

in short order.

It's positional- it needs to be as tight as it can to reduce backlash,

but there doesn't need to be ANY preload on it (unlike most

tapered roller bearings) A few oz/in is probably ideal, but not many

of us can feel that... and certainly not measure it.


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Thats what i ended up seeing in the haynes manual. 20 then fingers.

Last time i did it i did it to feel. I get a slight wobble at low speed, like warped rotors but happens when not using brakes. Reading around, i hear its loose hub bolts.

The problem now is that i dont have a socket that large. I couldnt find the size yet. PN 31211104626

Looks like 24mm, any input before i go buy a 24mm socket

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