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Rattle / Knock diagnosis help


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Getting the 02 tuned up after a few years in storage. Got it running and driving but have one issue that i don't remember having before. When idling low there is a difinite rattle / knock that sounds top end related. When i up the rpms a bit it clears up rather than intensifying. I did a valve adjustment and no change. Using a piece of wood to my ear I run along the valve cover but I don't seem to pick anything up.

Wonder if you guys have any ideas? Maybe not enough oil pumping at low rpms? The car pulls strong and isn't doing anything else that is odd.

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Guest Anonymous

never tried wood - but a tube or stethescope might help - if the sound isn't coming from the head, then you need to probe other spots. Are you sure it comes from the engine? the exhaust pipes and other stuff can produce a low idle rattle....

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