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Finally getting started...


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Well, I suppose it is time to get a project blog started, just not sure what to call it yet so I will start here with one post and move to the project side after taking some pics of the car and the cool stuff my sons and I have been accumulating.

...and to get started what is the most important part of the car...Right! The Speedo! That we we all can see what the limits of fun are before something red & blue shows up behind us!

With the help of Ken at Vintage(he sold me the gauge) I redid my temp and turn signal indicator to look like this...I have never seen one with actual temperature markings, just the red & blue or a turn signal indicator that is white(not faded) Some of you more veteran folks maybe, just not noobie me.

So if you have an old BMW gauge, let me know and I can show you how to switch the temp part into your cluster.

Oh and one more thing...This is the best forum I have ever seen! You guys are great! (even the gay ass bitches...man that post was funny)




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thanks, I got the gauge from Ken (KMB02) at vintage bmw racing. I think it was a euro 2000CS gauge someone said. It was really easy, the rings inside I just painted light flat gray(like a primer) to give it a bit of depth. I wish I had a way to stamp out that little aluminum part and have it silkscreened.


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....to see if I can replicate it.

I found a link to this site below from a thread in the FAQ archives( I think it was originally posted/published in a Roundel magazine). They have a bunch of different sizes, fonts,etc., that work great for putting the numbers in the temp gauge area.(the thread/magazine showed that the stock gauges actually have 2 temp markings that are covered up by the gauges face to "calibrate" from)

Link (search for other sizes,fonts,etc)


Your gauges look great also!!

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