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Dim Headlight solution - I am using brights


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1. check the voltage at your headlights; betcha is way less than 12v. On a '73, the headlights do not go through a relay--the current passes directly through the switch with a concurrent voltage drop. You can wire in a fused relay for the high beams pretty easily for a big improvement--high beams aren't fused on a 73 either.

2. Low beams are individually fused (no relay there either). Clean/replace the fuses--that should help headlight brightness. You can also install relays for the low beams too--to improve light output.

3. If you're running US sealed beams, lose 'em for some Euro halogen headlights--Cibies or Marchals seem to be the best, although there's nothing wrong with Bosch or Hella.

4. Mount a pair of driving lights wired to go on with the high beams. Then you'll REALLY have light!



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I guess my simple solution isn't so smart. Will digest this and figure out how to do it correctly. Did not know I had so many options. My headlights are pretty dim and I needed to do something. Thanks.

This forum is one of the best reasons to own a 2002. You can not get advice like this for any other car that I am aware of. All you need to do is a search and then you can sound kind of smart. I need to remember that.

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What Mike said- installing relays is probably the best way to increase your headlight output. There is a non-linear relationship between voltage at the lamp connector and the light output (much more light output with small increases in voltage). Also check your headlight ground- use an Ohmmeter between the ground connector and chassis... should be near 0. One more thing: is it possible that you have the original, incandescent lamps in this car? If so, you can get a large increase in light output by upgrading to halogen sealed beams, at a modest price. There are other upgrades, but more expensive.

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