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Weber air filter spacer is a little to high


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I bought the spacer from Ultimate Garage so I could use my old air filter on the new Weber carb I just installed. The top is hitting the hood, you can see the paint scrape. Dissapointed it is just a litte too high. Looked very professional. My air filter isnt being held on by anything so I will try to bolt it tighter to minimize any problem.

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The air cleaner is supported by brackets bolted to the manifold, so all you need to do is take tinsnips/Dremel tool and open out the bottom of the air cleaner can so it's the same shape as the Weber carb opening, and then make a closed cell foam spacer to close the gap between carb and air cleaner.

That setup has been working fine for me since 1981...I was never able to use the spacer that came with my carb either--too tall.


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