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Steering Box Leak and CV Joint Grease...


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So I've read a few places that using CV joint grease instead of 80/90w hypoid gear oil can help in quelling a steering box leak... also read about some GM product that is apparently used to top off the box as it loses fluid with the end result being no more leaks, but I didn't find enough info to lead me to a solution...


The background: I just replaced the input shaft seal and although it leaks significantly less now, it still leaks. At this point I think the issue relates to a worn input shaft at the seal. The box is otherwise ok and I'd like to reuse it, so if there is something I can do to keep the leaking at bay, I'll take that route... otherwise I have another box I can reseal (also leaking at the input shaft), though I suspect I may end up with the same net result.

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I tried... started with it about .5-1mm out and have been slowly tapping it in... now at about .5-1mm in. In both cases, the seal has been very evenly seated, so I have to assume it's related to the shaft in some way (looked fine...).

That said, I'm not ready to give up yet, and since the leak is very minimal (doesn't really pool up, but some oil is visible around the seal/shaft junction) and it seems logical that a thicker lube might be enough to fix the problem. Just curious if I'm correct and it's worth a try or if I'm just going to end up with a nasty greasy mess instead of a nasty oily mess.

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