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adjusting valve lash. and gaskets.


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so, since i have no idea when the last time the valve adjustment was checked or anyhting, i kinda want to pop the top on my car and have a look around, and generally give the valves a good pass over. from the pics iv seen it sems like a pretty easy job, since you can see the cam and the positions of the valves (unlike the V8s...kinda pain if you dont know valve order!) anyway, my question is how often should the valve cover gasket be changed. i know it was adjusted a year or so ago. and replaced not long before that..

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cold motor

remove spark plugs

disconnect battery

hand crank motor by grabing tightened fan belt

it's easy to turn with the plugs out

position each lobe/rocker adjusted with the lobe pointing down

slightly past BDC (bottom dead center of each lobe)

adjust to 0.006" (0.006-0.008" Go-No-Go feeler)

and so on - read the manual - practice - reuse the gasket

no sealent needed - reuse many times untill brittle

special attention to the condition of the 2 thick aluminum

crush seals at the center oil feed pipe banjo screw

Must ne tight, but not so tight you snap off the banjo

screw head!



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ok, so i adjusted and checked my valves yesterday. they didnt seem to have any probs but i need the practice so i adjusted em anyway.

the number 4 intake valve seemed very tight however. so after adjusting them to what i thought was a slight grab on the gauge, (.008) i now have a pretty loud valve clatter. should i just tighten them down more on the feeler?

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