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having trouble with break lights, right rear light and wiper

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Wondering if it is a grounding problem? what are a few ways to trouble shoot and figure what is causing the problem? Any one have a diagram i can download/ look at perhaps? please let me know if you have any ideas,it is my daily driver thats giving me the problems and it's almost winter here in norcal.

Thanks in advance

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Check fuses first:

brake lights & wiper: fuse 5

right tail light: fuse 8

Those fuses not only corrode but actually wear out; fuse problem is more likely than a ground problem, esp since to inop systems are served by the same fuse, and if the brake lights and turn signals work on the right rear, then the ground is good 'cause it's common to all lamps in the housing.



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I just replaced my brake switch, due to it being bad. So maybe your having the same issue. Pull it out and see if there is continuity when the button is pushed in or when its out. If I remember, it needs to have continuity when in....

Is there a solution to those fuses? Like has anyone switched to the plug type fuses and fuse box? I've had more problems with those dumb open fuses than I'd like to admit.

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There's a reason why there are places in the fuse cover for spares, and I like the fact that a quick look will tell you if you've got a blown fuse. Still might be another problem with a fuse that looks good, but initially it's easy to tell. Even my wife knows to look first at the fuses if something electrical that was working no longer does so. And the fuses are super cheap.

Bob Napier

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