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Waterpump ??


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Hey Guys... looks like my waterpump bearing/seal is starting to weep. Appears to be brought on by a bad alternator bushing allowing the alt to 'vibrate' some.

I already have a new waterpump and will search for alternator bushing alternatives.

Unfortunately, I have an Auto (going to swap in a 5-spd. in the spring) and it has the oil cooler lines to the Radiator making this a nasty repair if I need to pull the Radiator.

So, my question is: Can I change the pump 'in situ', or will I need to drain the tranny, disconnect the lines and pull the radiator to get this done?

Any advice is much appreciated.



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There's no clearance to even remove the fan retaining bolts, much less the pump. And it's even worse if you have A/C as the original York bracket uses two water pump bolts as part of its fastening arrangement.

As for the A/T cooler; couldn't you just unfasten one line at a time and quickly plug it with a golf tee or something similar, then do the other, then allow the fluid in the radiator to drain out into a pan (or plug the inlet/outlet on the radiator). Fluid loss would be minimal and you wouldn't have to drain the whole thing. Just a thought...


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Both my ' 75 and my wife's ' 76 are automatics and I've changed the water pumps a few times over the years. I just disconnect the ATF lines and turn them up into the engine compartment and little, or no, ATF runs out - it's no big deal. Inside the lower tank of the radiator is a solid line that goes from the inlet side to the outlet side and contains, again, very little ATF. The golf tee idea would require a pretty big tee to work.

The only real hassle is re-starting the threaded connectors on the ends of the tranny lines back onto the radiator after reinstalling the radiator. I run a 19mm front bar on my car and this makes it real tight up there. I use a long, thin screwdriver to get it started on the radiator.

Two other small tips. I use a piece of cardboard (with an "up" arrow penned on it) to hold the pump bolts in the order they came out so they get re-installed in the same location, and, I use about a 3" long, pencil-sized piece of wood, with a long point filed on one end, thru one of the bolt holes to hold the fan in place as you begin to reinstall it. Makes the process less frustrating.

Bob Napier

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