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Brakes - Need Help Diagnosing


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I've done a search and have not found help beyond the steps I've taken so far.

Pedal started feeling a little soft and stopped returning all the way (brake lights would stay on). The car is a '74 tii.

1. Replaced front lines with steel braided, "while I was in there" put in new pads, rotors, hub bearings.

2. Bled lines. While bleeding the lines I was not able to get really any pressure with the brake pedal. So I gravity bled them (passenger rear, driver rear, passenger front inner/lower outer/upper outer, driver front inner/lower outer/upper outer).

Pretty much no pressure in the brake pedal. Do I need a new booster? New master? What do the "servos" do? What do you recommend for the next steps of diagnosis?



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Sounds like multiple issues.

Brake linkage as CD points out, but I also think it may be your brake master as well.

Adding stainless lines creates more pressure in the system because the steel lines don't swell.

This pressure gives a better brake feel, but also exerts more pressure on the Master as well. If it were older or well used, the increase in pressure could have caused it to go south. With fluid leaking past the seals on the piston, it doesn't return through a 'dry' bore, but now has to overcome the residual fluid too.

Personally, I would never add steel lines without also swapping the Master too.


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